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Rummage Sale: Update on our progress

Hello all you fabulous volunteers…

Our sale date is June 11 with a June 18 rain date.

After the sale-update announcement on Sunday, we had many people step forward to help. Here’s a recap of where we are and what we could be working on right now. I’ve put “action items” in bold italics.

New volunteers:

  • Mort Nicholson (I need an email address)
  • David Ewald (Does anyone have an email address for him?)
  • John Carr
  • Joanie Weidner (I need an email address)
  • Holly Wood (I need a phone number and email for her)

New committees, chairpersons and members of same:

  • Joanie will head up the “Tote and Haul” group – She and her staff will provide the labor necessary to get stuff delivered to storage, get stuff to the church the day of the sale and act as “runners” aiding communication during the sale. She has offered the services of the Service Circle.
  • Barb is leading the “Artisans” Group – She and her staff will promote this to our CSL artisans and get them signed up, informed, organized and communicate with them before and during the sale. Barb, will you also think about the amount of donation we would expect from these vendors/artists? We should also think about how many spaces is reasonable for this and how many we would want to accommodate given our available space in the lot.
  • Storage Part 1 – Edwin agreed to help gather data that will allow us to make a decision about whether or not to have a trailer pulled to the church lot for our storage use. I like this idea because we can collect and store right on site and it makes the day-of-sale unloading a breeze. Rev. Linda has concerns about the weight of the truck doing damage to the blacktop, the repaving of which was paid for by another group. Edwin will explore the issue, talk to the trailer rental company and report back to us in two weeks as to whether this is a good option or not.
  • Storage Part 2 – Holly Wood (I failed to get either a phone number or email for her) has volunteered her basement with a space approximately 10X15. She lives in very close proximity to the church. Since it will involve taking things up and down basement steps, I suggest that we use this space for collecting clothing. Holly has said that she will also help with the sorting of clothes. Someone will need to work with her to come up with dates and times that she’d want to receive the clothes as they start coming in. Are any of you inclined to work with Holly and head up this part of the collection efforts?
  • Storage Part 3 – JJ told me that she is still working with someone to get us a discount, more of a discount, at a storage company.
  • Marketing – Theresa has told me that the CSL marketing team, along with Gladys, will be working to promote this event. Please, as you make decisions or have an update, keep us informed.
  • Website presence – I was approached by Jeffrey Brown, the CSL webmaster, and he will set up a page for us on the CSL website. I’ve copied him on this email so he will have some content for our page. But as you make progress with your committees, or if you have information to share, or if you want to put out a call for help, please let Jeffrey know and he’ll get it out there for us.
  • Food & Drinks Committee – Kathy and Lynn will co-chair this group. John Carr has also volunteered to help with this. We’ve talked about baked goods, but shouldn’t we also offer water and soda? Please give this some thought and report back on how you see the food and drinks part of our sale working.
  • Tables and Chairs – Rev. Linda says we have 8 six-foot tables and 24 folding chairs.
  • Sales support supplies – One month before the sale Rev. Linda will make room available in the church for us to begin collecting items we’ll need for the day of the sale, e.g., bags, pens, cash-collection boxes etc.

Other jobs still needed to fill:

  • Finance Committee – I’d like to have a couple of people who will handle all the financial aspects of this event, including things like how much change we need in our “bank” the day of the sale.
  • Security – Our church building will be open to the public on this day. I’d like someone to think about what we need to provide in terms of security for the day and provide the people necessary for it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have an action item that you’re working on, please report back when you have any news. If you know of someone to help with Finance or Security, please contact me ASAP.

We’re in the light,

Lauren Woodiwiss

  1. I can help with the finance committee.

  2. I will be happy to help Holly sort clothes.

  3. Theresa and Joy,

    That’s great. Thanks so much for your help.

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