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June 11 Sale News

At the March 20 annual meeting luncheon,  your sale team met and shared updates of the progress being made for our first annual Bazaar of Treasures Public Sale.  Please, if any of these teams are appealing to you, contact one of the team members.

  • Artisans TeamJ.J. JioDucci reports, “I have two confirmed vendors to date for the sale. One is our very own fabulous jeweler  Joanie (Weidner)! We also have “Sister Friends and More.” Their specialty includes custom knitted baby apparel-blankets hats, booties, scarves, mittens, plus custom made jewelry most made of healing stones, crystals and various types of glass. I am awaiting responses from two others.”
  • Marketing TeamTheresa Slusher, Jeff Brown and Gladys Warren are working on a variety of ways to promote the need for donations and the sale itself.  An announcement will follow soon about yard signs that can be purchased, either for your yard, or for someone else’s yard, at a nominal price of $6.00.
  • Donations TeamHolly Wood reported that the donations are slowly coming in.  We are now accepting “soft” goods and small items.  Holly is storing things in her basement until we have the tractor trailer on site at the end of April.  Other team members are Joy Hart, Gwen Hawk and Linda Brown.  Please bring your clean and in-good-repair items to service on Sunday and give them to Holly.  We also will need bags for our customers to take home their loot.  Please save bags and bring them in to Holly.
  • On-site Storage TeamEdwin Clements heads up this effort  and will coordinate delivery of the tractor trailer which will be placed in the parking lot.  Once that is in place, the donations team will have someone available on Sunday mornings to accept donations.
  • Food TeamLynn Sullivan, John Carr and Kathy Skinner are heading up this part of the event.  We will have a baked goods sale with the proceeds going to the Crayons to Computers and Faces without Places.  The team is deciding what other food and drinks to offer for sale.
  • Silent Auction – Linda McCrachan-Brown is gathering items for this .  Do you have a product, item or service you could donate?  Please contact Linda.
  • The Tote and Haul Team – Jeffry Weidner and Joy Hart are seeking day-of-sale help for set-up, tear down and general support during the day.  Do you have a young person who needs service points?  Please see one of them.
  • The Space Planning TeamBedell Johns, Dave Ewald, Diane Kuehner and Theresa Slusher will begin their work when we have a firmer idea of the amount of goods and the number of booths we will have.
  • Finance TeamBedell Johns and others will make sure we have enough change on hand the day of the sale and will do our final accounting at the end to tally our treasure.
  • Book StoreGerri Martins will have our book store open for the sale.

We still need your help.  Bring us your stuff.  Solicit your friends and neighbors for stuff.  Volunteer for a team.  Many jobs only take an hour or two.  We will need day-of-sale help in many areas such as baking something to sell, sitting at a booth, etc.





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