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Dee Coy Stipend Fund Opportunity

During the service on July 7, Lauren Woodiwiss and Peggy Lawson announced a wonderful opportunity to, “step out in faith,” and strengthen our prosperity muscles.  They are spearheading a drive to raise money for a special fund which will provide monies for one year to support Dee as he increases his service to our center. The current center income stream does not allow for this expenditure.

Many of you already know Dee. He leads our once-a-month, and very popular, “Sunday school” class and has often lead Sunday service. He is already a vital member of our community.

At the end of  July, Dee will take his oral exams at the Asilomar conference in California. Upon his return, he will assume all the duties of our primary pastor, (spiritual leader, teacher and primary administrator of the center), while Reverend Linda Ketchum takes a two-month sabbatical. As you know, providing all that a congregation requires from its pastor is more than a full-time job.

This is an exciting opportunity to test Law. We are taught that the only way to  know the law works is to test it ourselves and judge the results. Sharing of abundance, in the way of a tithe, is one of the easiest ways to know the law of circulation and to know it works, and that it works for you.

The goal is to raise $12,000 to provide Dee with a modest stipend of $1000 a month. At the luncheon after Sunday’s service, several people came forward, in faith and love, and pledged to support Dee, his work, this center and their own prosperity consciousness. In just a few hours $3,740 was raised, enough to provide the stipend for the first three and a half months.

The sooner this is fully funded, the sooner spirit can begin to return our abundance to us “pressed down and overflowing.”

Checks should be made out to Center for Spiritual Living of Greater Cincinnati, or CSLGC. This is VERY IMPORTANT: On the memo line of your check, write in, “For Dee Coy Fund.” If you prefer to make your contribution in cash, be sure to designate somewhere on the envelope that the tithe is for the Dee Coy Fund. If you prefer to contribute some other way, please speak to Lauren or Peggy at services on Sunday, or email Lauren at lwoodiwiss@gmail.com.

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