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Paradiso & Rasamayi Concert and Workshop July 24 and 25

Paradiso & Rasamayi return to CSLGC for a concert on Sunday July 24, and a workshop on Monday July 25. Didjeridoo artist Paradiso and singing bowl master alchemist Rasamayi create live events that are uniquely powerful and beautiful spiritual soundscapes in which those in attendance frequently report experiences of unprecedented and profound meditation, healing and visions Within these multidimensional journeys you will hear, “Ezra” the Kundalini serpent didjeridoo; “Sage,” the world’s largest quartz crystal didjeridoo, crystal singing bowls infused with crystals including citrine, platinum, morganite, azeztulite, diamond and more.

For more details, check the Facebook pages for the concert and the workshop. You can also purchase tickets online.

Paradiso and Rasamayi - July 24 & 25

Paradiso and Rasamayi – July 24 & 25

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