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Reverend Linda Ketchum

Reverend Linda Ketchum

Rev. Linda J Ketchum founded Center for Spiritual Living Greater Cincinnati and teaches principles that change people’s lives. A dynamic speaker and spiritual coach, she helps people move beyond life’s limitations into greater opportunities. She has used the tools she teaches to move beyond toxic and limiting relationships to step into her own greatness. An ordained United Centers for Spiritual Living minister, Rev. Linda earned a Bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University and a Masters in Consciousness Studies from The Holmes Institute.

Rev. Linda retired after 25 years as a federal government contracting officer and procurement analyst. She is the mother of two daughters and grandmother of four. After 20 years as a single mom, she married her longtime dance partner in 2007 and now has two new sons, a new daughter and four more grandchildren.

Rev. Linda believes and teaches that life is a vast opportunity of unlimited possibilities.

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Rev. C. Dee Coy

Rev. C. Dee Coy

Rev. C. Dee Coy accepted a letter of call as Senior Minister at the Center for Spiritual Living Greater Cincinnati in 2014. Agreeing that, “It is one of our noble human instincts that we cannot feel within us the glory and the power of a real conviction without earnestly striving to make that conviction pass into other minds,” Rev. Dee’s spiritual journey is one of thoughtful discovery and mindful celebration that he strives to share with all, wherever they might be on their own path. His goal is to move others to look within, where all answers reside, and move from the head to the heart in surrender to the greatness they already are. Licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living, Golden, Colorado, Rev. Dee received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona and his Master’s degree from the Holmes Institute of Consciousness Studies.

Rev. Dee began his ministry after twenty years as a registered Architect and construction consultant in Southern California. The father of one son, Rev. Dee currently resides in Cincinnati with his Basset hound.

Rev. Dee feels the indwelling presence of the Christ principle and knows each person he meets is truly an individualized expression of the One.

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