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Sale Meeting notes for 2/20

A brief meeting was held after services today with about a dozen people attending.  The following topics were discussed:

  1. What to call the “event”: So many wonderful things are being planned that include both “new” merchandise (book store, artisan booths, silent auction, etc.) and things that will be re-purposed (clothing, toys, furniture, collectibles, etc.) that finding a name that encompassed all the wonders was challenging.  The one name that seemed to capture it all is, “Bazaar of Treasures.”   Other candidates were also good, “Sharing Abundance Sale” and Prosperity Sale.”  Please hit COMMENT below and add your thoughts about the names that have been offered so far, or add another to the consideration set.  We need to make a decision soon because our marketing efforts need to include a name.
  2. It was decided that the public hours for the bazaar will be 9 a.m.-3 p.m.  Team members will arrive an hour and a half to two hours ahead of that to set up.  We will likely need the same amount of time at the end to clean up.
  3. Two new members joined us.  Gwen Hawk and Dianne Kuehner.  I’ve added their contact information to the Excel worksheet.
  4. Edwin Clements reports that the trailer will need 4 parking spaces, 3 for the trailer itself and one so that we can open the doors.  The trailer will be parked at the  end of the driveway nearest the street.  This way we can put a huge sign on it announcing the collection.  Edwin also said that he is looking into getting a trailer for no cost!  That would allow some of the money tagged for that expense to be used for marketing or other expenses.  YEAH Edwin!!!
  5. The CORE council has approved $500 for this event.  If your team finds that they need to spend money, first see if you can get whatever you need donated.  If you can’t, please submit the request for funds to Bedell Johns.  She will be tracking our finances and helping to guide the wise use of these monies.  Thanks Bedell.
  6. Joy Hart will also serve with Joanie and Jeff on the Tote and Haul team.  Thanks Joy.
  7. We have already received two items for the SILENT AUCTION, which is being lead by Linda McCachran-BrownJeff Brown will donate a 45-minute magic performance and Mark, of the Green Dog Cafe, has donated $100 in gift certificates (2 valued at $25 and 1 valued at $50.)  Thanks to Linda Jeff and  Jeffry Weidner ,who obtained the gift certificates at today’s Lunch Bunch gathering.
  8. Theresa Slusher and Gladys Warren are putting a lot of good energy to our marketing plans.  Joanie contributed more good ideas to those that they presented and will follow up with them.  We’re thinking about webpages on the CSLGC website, Craig’s List listing, a Facebook page/link, a PDF of a flyer to be sent to the congregation to be printed and distributed by them, etc.  Thanks ladies for thinking of all the great ways to communicate with our customers and to generate excitement and involvement with the other members of our center.  If you have some ideas or want to help with this, please contact one of the team members.
  9. Once we know how many booths and areas are needed, Dave Ewald, Theresa, Bedell, Dianne and Joanie will collaborate to design the use of space, both indoor and out, for the Bazaar.
  10. Gerrie Martin will have both new and used books for sale during the bazaar.
  11. Since we anticipate having to use all of the parking spaces in the CSL lot for booths and displays, Theresa will speak to the owners of the business next store and obtain permission for us to have customer parking there on June 11.
  12. Remember to vision big, hold the vision.  Know it.  Feel the cool air from our new AC (one of the items which WILL be purchased with the sale proceeds).  This is being done and done well.
  13. Team leaders, wishing to post an update on team efforts on this blog, should send them to Jeff Brown, the webmaster or to me, Lauren Woodiwiss, lwoodiwiss@gmail.com.
  1. I like Bazaar of Treasures, yet it does not clarify what the event is to the general public. If people were driving by and saw it on a banner on the trailer, or caught a glimpse of a flyer in a window, they’d have to mentally translate Bazaar of Treasures into “Public Sale”, and it might not get translated accurately (or fast enough) to as many people as we need to reach.

    I propose we facilitate peoples’ instant understanding by adding the term “Public Sale” directly under “Bazaar of Treasures” as the title of the event. As a graphic designer, I would even lean toward making the term “Public Sale” a bit larger than “Bazaar of Treasures”, to make the intention even more obvious. I can provide design drafts to whoever is designing the signs, flyers and/or advertisements.


    ~ Jeffry

  2. Great job on facilitating the meeting and writing the minutes, Lauren. Of the 3 names, I prefer “Sharing Abundance.” If I think of something else, I’ll email you.

  3. I like Bazaar of Treasures!

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