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Bazaar Update – May 1

Lots of dedicated and inspired work is being done to assure the success of this very important fundraiser.  Please continue your visioning for a beautiful day and monies raised in the thousands.  See a separate “Sale Wish List” blog entry.  Thanks for reading.

Trailer News

  • The trailer has arrived and we are accepting donations before and after service on Sunday.  We need more help staffing the trailer.  Please see me (Lauren), Jeff Brown or Jeffry Weidner if you can help with this.
  • The two keys to the padlock, donated for use by Edwin Clements, will be in Reverend Linda’s office.
  • To help with storage, we need shelving and clothes racks.  If you have some you could loan for the next two months that would be a big help.

Donations Update:

  • Remember children’s clothing and toys and small household items (functional and decorative) sell very well.
  • Books can be donated to Gerri in the bookstore; please do not bring them to the trailer.
  • Because we do not have the ability to do so (no trucks, no strong, able-bodied people to lift and haul), we will not be able to accept larger, heavier items in advance of June 11.  If you have these types of things you can drop off the day of the sale that would be great.
  • Kathy Skinner will do face painting.
  • Zoey Cefalo will do body painting with henna.
  • The silent auction is coming along nicely.  Kathy Skinner has already assembled a children’s book basket with a $200 value that she is donating.  Some of us are giving money and Linda McCachran-Brown and Dianne Kuehner will buy the items and assemble the baskets.
  • Nancy Morrison will loan us three canopy tents.  We could use more of those.  Do you have one we could use?  We also need a donation of cinder blocks, 4 per tent.  Do you have some you could loan us?
  • J.J. JioDucci, who is heading up the artisans team, has decided that each artisan will pay $25 to participate.
  • Gladys Warren will contact Goodwill/St. Vincent de Paul or some other organization who will send a truck the week of June 20 to take any items not sold at our event.

Pricing and Tagging – from Bedell Johns

It sounds as if the Center will have tons of items to sell so we really need to be thinking about this process. We probably need two Saturdays or Sundays after service (not sure how much time each day) to get this done.  We need volunteers. Somehow we will have to segregate the items that get tagged and go back into the trailer from the untagged items.

Tables — We will need to assess the volume of items vs. the number of tables the Center has. It might be necessary to borrow some tables from MEAC or another organization.

Marketing Update:

Many people stepped up to help get the word out about this event.

  • Lauren has placed an ad in Natural Awakenings.
  • Dave Ewald will place an ad in City Beat.
  • Dianne Kuehner will place ads in the surrounding community papers.
  • Lynn Sullivan will place an ad in Tri-state Treasures.
  • Nancy Morrison will place an ad in GarageSaleCow.com.
  • Jeff Brown will be adding a promotional page to our website, designed by Theresa Slusher.  We can share this link with family and friends to advertise the event.
  • Theresa Slusher designed yard signs and a flyer that was sent out to the sale team.  Everyone is asked to print it out and post it anywhere you believe it will help to get the word out.
  • Yard signs are available after May 5th.  We are asking for a donation to offset the costs. They come in two sizes:  large for $12.50 and small for $10.  Just call the center at 513-218-2128.  Ask Holly to put you on the list and pick it up when the office is open or after Sunday Service.
  • Theresa Slusher will contact the local municipalities surrounding the center to inquire as to sign placement on public space/land.
  • Gladys Warren has created a sign to be placed near the street, near the trailer.
  • J.J. JioDucci will send letters and email notices to the six community councils, which are located closest to the center.  She will also post our flyers in the six closest Starbucks.
  • Kathy Skinner suggested that we prepare a postcard giving information about the center (mission, service time, etc.) that will be placed in a bag with the customer’s purchased items.  She, Holly Wood and Theresa Slusher will be working to make this happen.
  • Kathy Skinner shared another idea that she saw implemented at the Garden Park Unity sale.  They had shopping bags with the church name printed on them, which were given to shoppers to use to gather items.  After the customer checked out, the bag was then available for another customer to use.  If we are to use this idea, we need someone to come forward to make it happen.

Financial News

  • Thanks to all of you who donated so freely on Easter Sunday to cover the cost of the trailer rental and delivery.  We raised $305.  The money not used for the trailer will go to cover other expenses like food for sale, printing costs, etc.
  • The day of the sale, we will accept cash and checks, with proper ID.
  • Bedell Johns, our CFO, will make sure we have plenty of small change available on that day.

Other Donated Items by Sale Team Members

  • Lynn Sullivan will begin to collect newspaper to use to wrap fragile items for our customers.
  • Dianne Kuehner has large pieces of poster board she will donate.

Tote and Haul Team Update – Submitted by Joanie and Jeffry Weidner

On May 8 the Tote and Haul will kick off its work with an announcement asking for volunteers:

– They will provide a sign up for the rest of the Sundays until the event to help with accepting donations before and after the service.

– There will also be a sign- up sheet for 4 time slots to volunteer the day of the event:  On the sheet folks will enter their name, email, and phone and check off one or more volunteers time slots in the appropriate column

1) Arrive 7 am to unload the trailer – done by 9 am

2) Work 9 am-12 pm as needed hauling items

3) Or 12-3 pm as needed hauling items

4) 2-3:30 pm pack up items for pick-up by to Goodwill/St. Vincent De Paul

We will ask those who have Service Circle T-shirts to wear them that day (we will not be ordering more for new volunteers).  Jeffry would like to see young people helping out, especially if they need service hours.

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