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ACTIVITING HEALING:  July is our month for healing.  Healing is the foundation of our teaching.  Science of Mind was founded by people who were looking for a better life through a clearer approach to the ONE Healer, God.  Dis-ease is not natural and cannot be part of our permanent identity.  There is no power in the universe perpetuating it or using it to teach us lessons.  You were designed by a Perfect Intelligence that only knows perfect pattern.  That Intelligence lives through your body and all of your affairs working to maintain its original design for your life—perfect health!

 Healing includes more than just physical health.  It also means having a healthy self-image, functional relationships and finances.  Join us every Sunday in July as we explore the spiritual principles necessary to create health.

SINGING BOWLS:  Wednesday July 20 at 6:30 we have another wonderful opportunity to hear Ron
Esposito and the singing bowls for a 30 minute meditation process using the bowls as our focal point.  This is a wonderful event and I know you will enjoy this mid week pick me up.  Suggested love offering is $10.

SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE:  July is the month the we collect school supplies for the John P. Parker school in Madisonville.   As you begin to see school supplies available on sale begin to collect them for our drive which will begin mid July.  This is another way our community serves the larger community.

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