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Concert & Workshop with Paradiso & Rasamayi – Sept 15 & 16

Evolutionary Music Concert with Paradiso & Rasamayi
Sunday, September 15 at 6:30PM
ADMISSION: $22 advance, $33 at the door

Don’t miss this transformative celestial sound-field! The didjeridoo, singing bowls and voice-work create powerful, musical mystic soundscapes with the capacity to unlock new levels of meditation, self-healing, and connection with the higher self and the divine. Their music has supported events and projects with Michael Bernard Beckwith, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Masaru Emoto and Steven Halpern.

Carnegie Hall didjeridoo artist Paradiso and singing bowl master alchemist Rasamayi bring concerts that are doorways to multidimensional journeys and experience regular reports of transformative experiences. Experience “Ezra” the Kundalini serpent didjeridoo crystal singing bowls infused with crystals including citrine, platinum, morganite, azeztulite, diamond and more.

Shifting Frequencies Workshop
Monday, September 16 6:30 – 9:30pm
Tickets: $55 in advance, $77 at the door
Advance Concert + Workshop Admission: $66

Workshop space is limited to 11- reserve your spot in advance!

An ever-increasing number of people are experiencing shifts in consciousness, “attunements” from ethereal sources which they believe will create revolutionary changes in human consciousness. Others are preparing for global catastrophe. If either describes you, don’t miss this workshop!

You will learn to ground high frequencies, clear and transmute dense energy, expanding with ever-increasing grace, joy and ease from expression of your limited self into the embodiment of the limitless divine being you already are. Learn how universal spiritual laws can help you create shifts in your own frequency and levels of perception, to create a life increasingly overflowing with wisdom, love, joy and inner peace – for yourself and the collective – regardless of what is occurring on the material plane.

Rasamayi is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning sound healer and Alchemy Master Teacher who has taught frequency shifting principles in metaphysical and New Thought communities nationwide.

Both events will be held at:
Center For Spiritual Living Greater Cincinnati
5701 Murray Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45227

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