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UPDATE: The Leadership Council and Reverend Dee have decided to cancel the March 15 service, potluck lunch, and Town Hall meeting. More details here.

Heart of the universeBeing guided by our understanding of the ongoing developments and safety information related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), and in an effort to be as proactive as possible in protecting our congregation, we have come to the following decisions.

Sunday, March 15, we will have the service, followed by the potluck and Annual Meeting. Extra cleaning of the Center will be done Saturday night, and sanitizers and gloves will be on hand on Sunday. The service and meeting will be live streamed on Facebook. If you are feeling unwell or coughing or sneezing, please consider staying home.

Please check the website for updates on upcoming Sunday services. All other events at the Center will be postponed until May 1.

During this challenging time, please remember that we rely on your tithes and donations. Please mail your checks to:

5701 Murray Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45227

You may also donate via Paypal – just click the Donate button at the top of the page.

We are only a phone call away from supporting you in whatever challenge you may be facing. Please either call the office at 513-218-2128 or contact Rev. Dee Coy at dcoy@cslgc.org or 970-232-5125 . And remember that you can make a prayer request on our website.

Blessings and Love,

Your CSLGC Ministers, Staff, and Leadership Council

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